This is the third song on Six Lies of the Fibbler and is sung by Tracey Harris, it was a song played over a montage of Ashley walking around a park being sad.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1: I Should have known better, then to go changing like the weather, I know what's right, but I chose wrong,now my days are lonely and my nights are long.

Chorus:And there's, there's still hope for me, Way to live each day in truth and honesty,I pray out there, somewhere there's got to be, some hope for me

Verse 2: Now i'm lost in the confusion, but i'll hold to no illusions, I know the truth, i told a lie, i've got no excuses, nor a reason why.

Chorus:But I know,there's still hope for me, Way back to the person that i want to be. I know out there, somewhere I do believe, there's hope for me. There's hope for me. There's still hope, mmmm mmmmm there's still hope for me.

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