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Biblegirl (real name Lia Martinez/Martin) is one of Bibleman's sidekicks and friends. She was introduced in the episode Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience, When she was hired to be Biblegirl for Bibleman's live stage show, She got the job because Cypher and her were in a dance class together years before. She is contacted by Luxor Spawndroth in order to trick her into leaving the show but ultimately she decides to stay on and accepts when Bibleman, Cypher and U.N.I.C.E ask her to be the real Biblegirl.


Not much is known about Biblegirl’s family. The only things we know is the fact that her dad leaves the famly to searching the most nutritious food, the MILK. For some info about her mother read the paragraph below you moron. It isn't clear if she has a brother beacuse it was said in the episode 420 of season 69 that she has one, but he never appears in the show.


Weapons and abillities[]

Like Bibleman, she wears the full armor of God

Other links[]

For better view of Biblegirl you should click this link. You wil really enjoy this image. Yes especially you Karen.



  • They Changed Biblegirl's last name from Martinez to Martin, presumably because she was no longer portrayed by a Latina actress after Tracy Hanao stepped down
  • Biblegirl has been played by four women:
    • Tracy Hanao
    • Anayansi Schlipp
    • Heather Hazelwood-McSmith
    • Nicole Bauman