Biblegirl (real name Lia Martin) is one of Bibleman's sidekicks and friends.


Melody is Biblegirl's cousin as revealed in Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect. When Bibleman asks how Melody, how she knew Biblegirl.

There is Episode set to release in 2020, called Getting Right Wrecks the Ronin of Wrong, which reveals that Biblegirl has a sister (a Navy SEAL) with a son (Lia's nephew) named Caden.


Before she became Biblegirl, Lia had trouble deciding wether to continue her acting career or doing God's will. But eventually she surendered and God used her to free Bibleman from the germ of disobedience.

Weapons and abillitiesEdit

Like Bibleman she has God's armor.

She carried a net at first but then switched over to a blaster that could block shots and blow things up, perfect for taking on LUCI's robot form.


Biblegirl has been played by at least four different women:

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